Big Girls Don’t wear shit

December 11, 2008

Basement comedian “Big Mo” does some shitty stand up comedy in his basement.  Big mo posted this clip

on my myspace comments along with the message, “You don’t have the HEART to steal this.”

I stole it… to present it to you, the fine watchers of

Lazy, bad, awful, are just a few words I use to describe Big Mo’s weak set in the basement comedy club.  Please, my fledgling comedians, go to an open mic to try your jokes out.  We can only call this a rant and not really stand up comedy.

I can hardly comment about the costume change into cross-dressing.  If big girls shouldn’t wear that shirt why should you?  He looks like a pregnant man with a puss filled pressurised zit baby.  I just want to pop his belly with a pin.

“You go girl with your self esteem.”

“Hit me up, big mo da comedian.”

Someone had to have dropped him on his head once or twice.

Dude dresses like chick, bad accent, bad wig, bad comedy???

October 31, 2008

It always amazes me as to what some people think is funny.

I’m kind of stooped by this one.  It has very little redeeming quality.  Its a tiny bit entertaining as bad comedy but its very hard to get through the whole thing.  If you can make it for a while watch the face plant off the chair.  Its not big, but its something.  Is this even comedy?  Why is this comedy club open in the day time?  Its way too early to be drunk enough to even begin to appreciate this brilliant act.

Crossdressing – Hahaha, if I dress like the other gender it will be funny huh? Sure if you are jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot.

Song – I can’t really tell if this is an original song or a lip syc or what.

Bad Accent – I can’t even tell what bad accent he/she is trying to do here. Any guesses?

Bad wig – Look at me!  I’m funny!  See look!  I’m even wearing this funny wig!

Bad Teeth – nuff said.