Who I am – FAQ

“Who are you to write all these mean things?”

Nobody.  I may or may not be involved in the comedy industry.  I may or may not have been on stage before.  I may be Dane Cook.  I am probably not Dane Cook.  I might be an open mic comic.  I might be someone you never heard of.  I might be Jay Leno.  I might be a famous comedy insider.  I might be an audience member.  I might be George Bush.  I could be anyone.  I speak for no one but myself, although I would like to think a lot of intelligent comics think along the same lines.

“Are you too scared to give your real name?  Are you afraid we may say the same things about you?”


“What gives you the right to criticize these comedians?”

The first amendment.  Also a love of good comedy so much that I think bad comedy needs to be pointed out so it isn’t repeated.

“I could say the same things about you!”

Yes you can!  That’s the beauty of the first amendment!  Isn’t it fun to live in America?  There is nothing stopping you from starting your own blog.  It’s free!

“Why do you write this stupid mean blog?”

Because I have watched too much bad comedy in my lifetime to not say anything about it.  We are inundated with bad comedy.  There is way more bad comedy than good comedy out there. I think this is a perfect venue to share some of the truly awful moments in comedy that, if unmentioned, will envelop the comedy industry, and that thought makes me feel nauseous.

“I’ve had a vision. And what it is, is although this is a world where good men are murdered in their prime, and mediocre hacks thrive and proliferate, I gotta share this with ya, ’cause I love you and you feel that.” – Bill Hicks

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