December 9, 2008

#1   We are just hitting 2000 hits in under 2 months so that’s a good sign that there are enough people who like bad comedy to continue, or there are enough people pissed off about being called out, to keep the site going.  THANK YOU for your readership.

#2  We just received our very first viewer submission!!!  We are posting it today!

This is Daniel Songer and he does his little comedy skits on his front porch!  He is horrible and must have smoked a lot of weed in his life.  He sucks and is too chickenshit to try his “lil’ skits” out on a real audience.   My favorite part is when he sings and dances.  Ha hahahahaha, fat guy dancing!

Thank you viewer for your submission!  I can only go through so much bad comedy without putting a bullet in my head.  If you would like to submit a bad comic to this site please comment here or email us from our myspace site.  We will never use your real name, unless you want us to!

Men VS Women part III

December 3, 2008

This is “The Bodybuilding Comedian” aka Charles Dorby talking about the differences between men and women when they drink.  Vagina patrol?  really?

“I’m not sayin she’s ugly, but when she walked by the car I seen the paint come off.”

Welcome to Men VS Women Week!

December 1, 2008

This week we take a look at the royally hack topic of men VS women.  OK we get it.  Men are different than women.  Men have a penis, women don’t.  Hahahah its hilarious.  No its not.  Its been done to death.  Write something new, ya hack.

In my quest to find videos on this subject I found a ton of Christian comics tackling this challenging subject mater.  Not that I want to pick on Christians, but aren’t there other topics to write about?

This is Dennis Zech.  He finds the differences of the sexes boiled down to vowels and consanents.  Can we all understand eachother now?

“You can’t handle the truth!” Jack #2…

November 15, 2008

Jack Nicholson week continues here at Hack City, can ya handle it?  I have no idea who this comic is but he has a Nicholson impression and here it is…

Creme De La Creme

November 6, 2008

I think the worst/best part of Jon Koons “Viagra Man” song is that it is stuck in my head and I can’t get it out.  Help.

Viagra week has begun…

November 5, 2008

Yeah, I am sure this is turning into viagra week here at hack city. There is just so much out there.

Nice little melody about the most famous comedy erectile dysfunction pill.

This guy loves himself.

“I never seen so many guys happy their dicks didn’t work.”

I love when a bad comic uses bad grammar.  Its like getting a bonus at work and someone else buying dinner and drinks that same night. Yum.

Andy Kindlers Hack Handbook

October 26, 2008

Andy Kindler’s Hack Handbook in its entirety.

Andy Kindler has written a comprehensive guide that every new comedian should read before they ever hit the stage and Hack City has it here in its entirety.  Check it out if you are an open mic’r or even an experienced comic for some good tips on how NOT to end up on this site.