Needle in a stack of needles…

November 2, 2008

I came across this gem in my search for bad comedy.  I love that this guy loves himself so much.  I think he really believes he will be the next big thing. His confidence is infectious, like herpes.

One of the most hack topics you can talk about is viagra.  HaHaHa viagra.  Try to be a little more creative than using viagra as a comedy topic.  Sure a four hour boner is hilarious, but its been done to DEATH.  I bet you can think of one thing funnier than a four hour boner.

Singing Viagra – Gold Jerry, gold.  This is one of the best specimens of bad comedy I have seen in a long time.

“You know you go there so… the thing is my… because women see…”

Perhaps my favorite quote of his act.

Bad Impressions – Mr. Ed.  Seriously, what decade is this?

Over the top – “eh eh eh, you got the club in there!”

Homophobic – “token male nurse solves your erection problem.”

I do believe I may make this a bad comedy “viagra” week.  I’m sure it will be worth it.

Skip Towne

October 30, 2008

Oh what can I say about Skip Towne.  He seems like a nice enough guy and it seems like he would do well, but speaking from an artistic standpoint his act includes so many no-no’s.

Street Jokes – First off, his act comprises of only street jokes which reeks of his inability to create an original joke. Some may ask “What is a street joke?”  A street joke is any joke people tell to their friends or pass along the Internet, or may be printed in a “joke” book.  For example, Skip’s first joke about being on the grand ol opry more than any country singer, because he was fixing the roof.   I have also heard it on stage in this version.  “Do you guys recognise me from the movies?  What?  I go every saturday night!” – street joke.

Street Jokes set to song – Roadkill Cafe.  Not only is eating roadkill a completely hack topic, but Skip has the talent to set this to song! Don’t argue when my husbands drunk.   Same thing, street joke set to music.

Singing Comedy – There are some good singing comics,   check out God’s Pottery, the Hazzards, and The Dustballs.  It takes a lot of balls, creativity, and talent to make singing or musical comedy funny. Skip can sing and play guitar.  I’ll give him that much.  I will be posting more bad comedy guitar singers who can’t sing or play.

Gay Bashing – Ha ha ha, isn’t it funny that he is really a gay cowboy?  hahaha.  Why is that funny?  How is that funny?  “Gayness” in and of itself isn’t funny.

Laugh Track – Really?  Why can’t you get stage time in a regular club to film this in front of a real audience?

Lazy Comedy – Slap the curtain up so we can make this video.  At least its not a sheet.

Prop Comedy – Always a lazy crutch for not being able to to write a creative joke. His record went aluminum, in case you forgot.