Men VS Women part III

December 3, 2008

This is “The Bodybuilding Comedian” aka Charles Dorby talking about the differences between men and women when they drink.  Vagina patrol?  really?

“I’m not sayin she’s ugly, but when she walked by the car I seen the paint come off.”

Welcome to Men VS Women Week!

December 1, 2008

This week we take a look at the royally hack topic of men VS women.  OK we get it.  Men are different than women.  Men have a penis, women don’t.  Hahahah its hilarious.  No its not.  Its been done to death.  Write something new, ya hack.

In my quest to find videos on this subject I found a ton of Christian comics tackling this challenging subject mater.  Not that I want to pick on Christians, but aren’t there other topics to write about?

This is Dennis Zech.  He finds the differences of the sexes boiled down to vowels and consanents.  Can we all understand eachother now?

The “No-neck Cowboy” sings about death and taxes

October 28, 2008

I think one of my favorite things in bad comedy is when someone sets up their living room to look like a studio or a comedy club.  My favorite and probably the least effort goes into the white sheet, or curtain behind them.  We wouldn’t want to distract you from the dirty dishes, foam fingers, or three legged dogs in the background.

Also as a viewer, I appreciate the fact that you didn’t try this bit out on an audience to get any kind of outside feedback as to if this has any remote possibility of being a funny bit.

Lazy bad comedy, is even funnier that regular bad comedy.  Enjoy the no-neck cowboy singing death and taxes.