Daniel Songer Revisited

December 12, 2008

This is our second look at Daniel Songer aspiring open mic’r.  I do believe  the funniest parts of this video are when Mr. Songer decides to crouch for some unknown reason.  My second favorite is when there is a little girl playing in the yard, just beyond the camera and you hear her say “hi” (1:43).

Skip Towne

October 30, 2008

Oh what can I say about Skip Towne.  He seems like a nice enough guy and it seems like he would do well, but speaking from an artistic standpoint his act includes so many no-no’s.

Street Jokes – First off, his act comprises of only street jokes which reeks of his inability to create an original joke. Some may ask “What is a street joke?”  A street joke is any joke people tell to their friends or pass along the Internet, or may be printed in a “joke” book.  For example, Skip’s first joke about being on the grand ol opry more than any country singer, because he was fixing the roof.   I have also heard it on stage in this version.  “Do you guys recognise me from the movies?  What?  I go every saturday night!” – street joke.

Street Jokes set to song – Roadkill Cafe.  Not only is eating roadkill a completely hack topic, but Skip has the talent to set this to song! Don’t argue when my husbands drunk.   Same thing, street joke set to music.

Singing Comedy – There are some good singing comics,   check out God’s Pottery, the Hazzards, and The Dustballs.  It takes a lot of balls, creativity, and talent to make singing or musical comedy funny. Skip can sing and play guitar.  I’ll give him that much.  I will be posting more bad comedy guitar singers who can’t sing or play.

Gay Bashing – Ha ha ha, isn’t it funny that he is really a gay cowboy?  hahaha.  Why is that funny?  How is that funny?  “Gayness” in and of itself isn’t funny.

Laugh Track – Really?  Why can’t you get stage time in a regular club to film this in front of a real audience?

Lazy Comedy – Slap the curtain up so we can make this video.  At least its not a sheet.

Prop Comedy – Always a lazy crutch for not being able to to write a creative joke. His record went aluminum, in case you forgot.