Rockin’ Around Dolly’s Twat

November 23, 2008

Priceless.  I never tire of stripper comic Sandy Kane.  Here is her sophomore debut for

Here is how defines Sandy Kane

Here is how oapedia defines SK

Someone just told  me she had a CD called “Tits My Party.”  I would pay a lot of money for a copy of that.  Even up to $20.

Thank you God…

November 13, 2008

What a gift, what a GIFT!  This is some whacked-up shit. I just googled jack nicholson impressions as I think I am gonna have Bad Jack Impressions Week here at hack city and I bumped into this guy.

He calls himself maxperformance on youtube and I HIGHLY recommend seeking out more of his videos.  He has a talent for bad impressions inserted into artistic movie scene audio.  Sometimes there are props and costumes and sometimes there is only the talent of this guys versatile larynx.  I couldn’t be happier for having found this guy.  The great part is that people LOVE him.  He has many thousands of hits on his youtube page. You may say, welcome to Hack City Max.

I say he’s beautiful.

Dude dresses like chick, bad accent, bad wig, bad comedy???

October 31, 2008

It always amazes me as to what some people think is funny.

I’m kind of stooped by this one.  It has very little redeeming quality.  Its a tiny bit entertaining as bad comedy but its very hard to get through the whole thing.  If you can make it for a while watch the face plant off the chair.  Its not big, but its something.  Is this even comedy?  Why is this comedy club open in the day time?  Its way too early to be drunk enough to even begin to appreciate this brilliant act.

Crossdressing – Hahaha, if I dress like the other gender it will be funny huh? Sure if you are jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot.

Song – I can’t really tell if this is an original song or a lip syc or what.

Bad Accent – I can’t even tell what bad accent he/she is trying to do here. Any guesses?

Bad wig – Look at me!  I’m funny!  See look!  I’m even wearing this funny wig!

Bad Teeth – nuff said.